Below is a picture of a daruma that I drew recently.  The inscription is the single character “cut” kiru 斬. Many often assume this means to cut your opponent.  But in fact, this daruma is telling us to cut through ourselves.  To cut thru our fixed notions and illusions.

My teacher once during training pointed to his head and said, “No Nou!” ; a play on words meaning “no brain” or no thinking.  Then he playfully pointed to his heart and said, “Yes yes!”. Yes is the Japanese pronunciation for christ.  He was referring to our pure hearts.  For the pure heart of man is that which has communication with the divine.

Many people get trapped intellectualizing and spend much time scurrying around like a mouse in a maze.  Like the Ri or Shu Ha Ri, we must eventually separate from our knowledge.  Forget our intellect and let knowledge be. When we can do this, wisdom will rain down.

This year we have the theme Rokkon Shojou.  Wishing you the best on your martial journey!


Daruma with a "Sai Nou Kon Ki" vase.  Photo by Yabunaka

Daruma with a "Sai Nou Kon Ki" vase. Photo by Yabunaka

~ by goshinarts on May 24, 2010.

One Response to “Daruma”

  1. This daruma hangs in my house. Thanks Paul

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