Happiness Tea

While in Bangalore,  I had the unexpected pleasure of spending time with Arnaud from France as well as Shiva, our gracious and good natured Indian host.  These delightful times instantly reminded me of a painting done by the monk Sengai.  Three gods of happiness are pictured.   Daikoku Ten, whom some may recognize from the statue outside Hatsumi Sensei`s office, is  originally from India.  He is not only a god of protection, war, and prosperity, but, auspiciously, he is an incarnation of the Hindu god Shiva!   Second is Juroku Jin, or the god of Longevity.  Often pictured leaning on his cane, he is usually in a most jovial mood.  Lastly, there is Ebisu, indigenous to Japan, he is a god of prosperity often pictured with a fishing pole enjoying his fresh catch of the day.


Above them is Sengai`s inscription;  “Three prosperities, make them one and enjoy a big happiness tea!”  As Takamatsu Sensei says, “Cherish your connections…”.  Thru others we enrich and are enriched.  How wonderful it would be to set aside notions of higher and lower, good and bad, and blend one fantastic happiness tea!  The true treasure of Nin lies therein.

~ by goshinarts on July 5, 2011.

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